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Victor Matosov was born on November, 1, 1941 in the Donetsk region.
His chilhood he spent on Poltava
region near the beautiful river Dnipro. When he moved live in the Carpatyhians (Kolomyia), there he finished school namber nine. Fascination by a picture began from the acquaintance with works of Roman Baran and other masters of this city. Now he is working profesional trener from field and track events.
Art photography he has been engaging for fifteen years. He took part from native land and international saloons. Since 1992 he has been member national inification artpainters of Ukraine. His personal showns avtor showed us beautiful Poltavas land. Now photography foreman public in many newspapers.
Since 1994 he has been at the of head native organization national inification artpainters which consist from nineteen members. Since 1998 he has been member national inification jornalist. All his oportunitis he direet on develop artgalary on Poltava and Ukraine too.

photo by Petro Ternovec 
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